About the gloss files

The gloss files show lines of Sanskrit verse. When you click the lines, you get glosses. Click the line again to hide them.

The buttons at top right change the way the Sanskrit is displayed:

You may click these keys to change the display --

What are the V X T buttons for?

Sorry, experimental things. Those are not very useful. If you click them by accident, click them again to undo.

In long pages, going to the top to click the W S M N buttons and then going down again is a chore.

You may also hit the W S M N keys of your keyboard.

When I hit the number of a verse, two buttons appear. What are they for?

NVM those, they are useful for my students only. Just click the number again and they will go away.

The W style I find sort of confusing. What do all these plus and minus signs mean?

Read explanation of the W style of writing when you have the time.