this-that-which drills

These drills help students to tell apart these six —

  1. ayaM hayaH "this horse"
  2. eSa hayaH "this horse"
  3. sa hayaH "that horse"
  4. asau hayaH "that horse"
  5. ko hayaH"which horse?"
  6. yo hayaH "the horse that".

Notice that (1) and (2) mean the same thing, and so do (3) and (4).

How to use the drills

These drills show sentences such as, for instance, yaH plavate kapiH, and shows possible translations. Looking at the list on top of the page, you can easily work out which translation is right. If you get green you hit the right one, if you get red try again. Then click the NEXT button to get the next sentence. Repeat until you no longer have to look at the list on top.

When should I stop?

When you get so many greens in a row that you get bored, or after four minutes, whatever happens first.

What is the SWAP button for?

It shuffles the words of the sentence. That does not change its meaning, but sometimes makes it easier to understand. Swap as much as you like before or after guessing.

The translations that appear in your buttons sometimes suck.

That's because, very deliberately, I am teaching you Sanskrit, not English. You are supposed to improve on them yourself. Please see hints to get better English translations.