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71009 After a, bhis to ais. atobhisaais
71010 Crazily in the vedas. bahulaJchandasi
71011 Not after k-less idam- adas- . nedamadasorakoH
71012 TA Gasi Gas to ina At sya'. TAGasiGasAminAtsyAH
71013 Ge to ya . GeryaH
71014 to smai after pronoun. sarvanAmnassmai
71015 Gasi Gi to smAt smin. GasiGyossmAtsminau
71017 jas to zI . jasazzI
71018 au to after Ap. auGaApaH
71019 after neuter. napuMsakAcca
71020 jas zas to zi . jazzasozziH
71021 After aSTA, to au. aSTAbhyaauz
71022 After sixlike, to luk. SaDbhyoluk
71023 su and am to after neuter. svamornapuMsakAt
71024 After a, to am. atom


ato bhisa:: ais ONPANINI 71009
After a, bhis to ais.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M+ C+ 676

Example --

azva- + bhis → azva- + ais vRddhireci azvais "by horses"

See also the exceptions nedamadasorakoH and bahulaJchandasi.

Careful: chant this rule with ais, not aiH.

azvA- + bhisazvAbhis "by mares"


bahulaM chandasi ONPANINI 71010
Crazily in the vedas.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 677

Vedic rule. Exception to atobhisa. The vedas, like cats, do whatever they want. So sometimes there is no ais after a --

devo devebhir A gamat "the god comes with the gods"

deva- + bhis bahuvacanejhalyet deve- + bhisdevebhis "with gods"

And other times there is ais after non-a --

nadI- + bhisnadyais "with rivers"

Elsewhere than in the vedas, only devais and nadIbhis are allowed.


n' .edam;adasor akoH ONPANINI 71011
Not after k-less idam- adas- .mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 678

there is no atobhisa::ais in ebhis "with these" and amIbhis "with those". --

idam- "this" + bhis → .. → ebhis "by these"

adas- "that" + bhis → .. → amIbhis "by those"


idam- "this" + bhis tyadAdInAmaH ida + bhis anApyakaH an + a + bhis halilopaH a + a + bhis atoguNe a + bhis bahuvacanejhalyet e + bhisebhis "by these"




TA;Gasi;GasAm in'-At-syAH ONPANINI 71012
(After a,) TA Gasi Gas to ina At sya'.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M- C+ 679

Example of TA to ina --

vRkSa- + TA → vRkSa + ina AdguNaH vRkSena Natvam vRkSeNa "with a tree"

Gasi to At --

vRkSa + Gasi → vRkSa + At akassa vRkSAt "from a tree"

Gas to sya' --

vRkSa + Gas → vRkSa + sya'vRkSasya "of a tree, a tree has"


Ger yaH ONPANINI 71013
Ge to ya (after a).mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M+ C+ 680

a plus Ge makes aya by this rule, then Aya by supica --

vRkSa- + Ge → vRkSa- + ya supica vRkSAya "to a tree"


sarvanAmnaH smai ONPANINI 71014
( Ge) to smai after (a -ender) pronoun.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 681 pronoun

Example --

tad- + Ge tyadAdInAmaH ta- + Geta- + smaitasmai "to that one, to him, to it"

As in --

udakaJM cakratus tasmai gRdhra-rAjAya tAv ubhau "they offered water to that king of vultures"

See also Gasi;GyoH smAt;sminau right below.


Gasi;GyoH smAt;sminau ONPANINI 71015
(After a -ender pronoun,) Gasi Gi to smAt smin.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M+ C+ 682 pronoun

Examples of Gasi to smAt --

tad- + Gasi tyadAdInAmaH ta + Gasi → tasmAt "from that, because of that, therefore"

sarva- + Gasi → .. → sarvasmAt "from every"

Examples of Gi to smin --

tad- + Gi → .. → tasmin "in that, in that place, there"

sarva- + Gi → .. → sarvasmin "in every"

kim- + Gi tyadAdInAmaH ka + Gi → kasmin "where, in which?"

As in --

tasmin vane vyAghrAH "there are tigers in that forest"

tasmin vyAghraH "the tiger is there"

Instead of kasmin, we may also say kva (see kimot and kvAti).


jasaH zI ONPANINI 71017
jas to zI (after masculine pronouns in a).mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M- C+ 683 pronoun

In other words, a of a pronoun plus jas makes e.

The z label of (z)I ensures that it can replace the whole of jas, see anekAlzit.

Examples --

sarva- m + jas → sarva- + zI AdguNaH sarve "all"

tad- m + jas tyadAdInAmaH ta + jas → ta + zI AdguNaH te'''' "those"

There are other te words, see te disambiguation .

This te'''' is not a hanger, so it can start a sentence (unlike te'').


auGa:: ApaH ONPANINI 71018
au to ( zI) after Ap.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M- C+ 684

Same thing as saying that Ap and au add up to e.

Example --

azva- f + au ajAdyataSTAp azva + Ap + au akassa azvA + au → azvA + I AdguNaH azve "two mares"


napuMsakAc ca ONPANINI 71019
( au to zI) after neuter.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M+ C+ 685

The z label of (z)I is useless here (but useful in jasazzI).

Examples --

ziras n + au → ziras + (z)IzirasI "two heads"

madhu- n + au → madhu + I ikocivibhaktau madhun + ImadhunI "two kinds of honey"

If the neuter ends in a, we will always have AdguNaH --

phala n + au → phala + I AdguNaH phale "two results"

This zI affix appears --

after all neuters, by this rule

after masculine pronouns, by jasazzI

after Ap, by auGa::ApaH

Don't confuse this zI affix with the zi affix, that has short i and appears after neuter plurals only.


jaH;zasoH ziH ONPANINI 71020
jas zas to zi (after neuter).mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M+ C+ 686

jas and zas must always be replaced with zi after a neuter.

The (z)i affix is made by this rule only. It has z label to make anekAlzit work. Do not confuse it with zI, thats has long I.

Examples --

bahupur- n + jas → bahupur- n + zibahupuri "full of cities"

nAman- + zas → nAman- n + zi rAjAnam nAmAni "names"

If the neuter nounbase does not end in n r, rule napuMsakasyajhalacaH will usually work --

manas- + jas → manas- n + zi napuMsakasyajhalacaH manans- n + zi sAnta manAnsi nazcApa manAMsi "minds"

phala + jas → phala + zi napuMsakasyajhalacaH phalan + zi rAjAnam phalAni

See also summary of prathamau after neuter .


aSTAbhya:: auz ONPANINI 71021
After aSTA, ( jas zas) to au(z).mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M- C+ 687

The aSTA mentioned in this rule is the replacement of aSTan "eight" made by optional rule aSTana::A.

Example --

aSTan- (any gender) + jas aSTana::A aSTA- + jas → aSTA- + auz vRddhireci aSTau "eight"

If we didn't choose to make aSTana::A work, this rule does not work --

aSTan- (any gender) + jas SaDbhyoluk aSTan- nalopaHprA aSTa "eight"

So, this rule may be reworded as "aSTa plus jas or zas makes aSTa or aSTau". This works in all genders. Example of neuter aSTau --

ekatazH-zyAma-karNAnAM zatAny aSTau dadasva me | hayAnAJM candra-zubhrANAGM gaccha gAlava mAciram || "Give me eight hundreds of horses, white like the moon, with one black ear each, gAlava. Leave. Now."


SaDbhyo luk ONPANINI 71022
After sixlike, ( jas zas) to luk.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 688

Example --

paJcan- + jas → paJcan nalopaHprA paJca "five"

As in

azvAH paJca "five horses"


sv;amor napuMsakAt ONPANINI 71023
su and am to ( luk) after neuter.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M+ C+ 689

Examples --

madhu- n + su OR am → madhu "honey"

nAman- n + su OR am → nAman nalopaHprA nAma "name"

ziras- n + su OR am → ziras "head"

mahat- n + su OR am → mahat "big"

As in --

lakSmaNasya ziro mahat "lakSmaNa's head is big"

See exception atom below.


ato 'm ONPANINI 71024
After ( neuter) a, ( su and am) to am.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M- C+ 690

Exception to svamorna. Examples --

phala- n + su → phala- + am amipUrvaH phalam "result, fruit"

phala- n + am → phala- + am amipUrvaH phalam "result, fruit"

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chunk 36: 71009 sup replacement

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