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Sanskrit processing tools
metre identifiers
Ashtadhyayidotcom dhAtupATha.
hyderabad parser


Sanskrit processing toolsmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C- 1503

online dictionaries



ashtadhyayidotcom dhAtupATha

ashtadhyayidotcom gaNapATha

zloka tester

metre identifiers

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metre identifiersmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C- 1504

Meter Identifying Tool (MIT) at sanskritlibrary dot org

metre identifier at appspot

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parsersmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1505

inria reader

inria manual

hyderabad parser

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Example. When you paste this --


into inria reader, it shows you this page --

analysis of zatayojanavistIrNaMpupluvelavaNArNavam

That page shows, among other things, that it is possible that our input was made by joining the words zata yojana vistIrNam pupluve lavaNa arNavam.

If you click the red box pupluve, you get some mysterious symbols like "plu", pft, and "md sg 3". These symbols mean that that pupluve might have been made this way --

plu + liTplu + ta → .. → pupluve

And you can figure out from them that pupluve can mean "he jumped". See inria abbreviations for a list of the codes.


Ashtadhyayidotcom dhAtupATha.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1506

" AD" means the dhAtupATha edition at ashtadhyayidotcom --

ashtadhyayidotcom dhAtupATha

When I type something like

AD 02.0003 dviS dviSa~ dveSTi dviSTe

I mean the root listed at that page under that number. Go to the page and look for "hate". You'll find this line --

02.0003 (kaumudIdhAtuH 1013) dviS dviSa~ aprItau adAdiH, ubhayapadI, sakarmakaH, aniT (to hate, to dislike, to grudge) (dveSa karanA, zatrutA karanA)


02.0003 means it's the third root of verb class two, namely of the lukclass

1013 is the number of this root in the siddhAnta kaumudI

the root is actually dviS

but it appears as dviSa in the old lists, with an a label

it means "aprIti", disliking

adAdi means that it's in group 02, the lukclass

ubhayapadin that it is flattybendy

sakarmaka that it is objectful

The rest of the line are some translations of aprIti into some official languages of India.


hyderabad parsermmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M+ C- 1507

The tools at --

sanskrit computational toolkit at Hyderabad university

work far better than the inria declension and the inria conjugation and the inria reader. Yet, the user interface sucks, so I ended up using them only when inria fails.

They are very good tools and worth looking at, so that site is worth exploring. But, before going there, make sure that you can read devanAgarI fluently.

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transliteratorsmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1508

A transliterator changes different Indian alphabets into each other, and into Roman letters, and conversely. There are several hundreds of those in the interwebz. This one manages devanAgarI --

transliterator at shreevatsa dot appspot dot com

tinier copy of same, at yesvedanta dot com

You may find others here --

sanskritdocuments dot org

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chunk 87: Sanskrit processing tools

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