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chunk 90: dead tree books


some books
laghu siddhAnta kaumudI in English
yoga vasiSTha
Sanskrit Grammar
Srisa Chandra Vasu
M R Kale

(somebooks) (someb)

some booksmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1594

The books listed in this section have no particular virtue and are no better than others. Mostly I list them because they can be found online.


yoga vasiSTha (supreme yoga)

books found in archive dot org


story of Nala by MMW

commentaries on pANini




Monier Monier-Wiliams


laghu siddhAnta kaumudI in English

Sanskrit Grammar (Whitney)

kale grammar



327 letters. -- 94000deadtreebooks.bse 4 -- popularity 1

1436 odds and ends

(/kAzikA) (/kAz)

kAzikAmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M- C+ 1595

The kAzikA is one of the best commentaries on pANini. For more info, see --

wikipedia on kAzikA

You can read most of the kAzikA in the pANini research tool at the auroville website.

You can read all of the kAzikA here --

Jayaditya & Vamana Kasikavrtti

154 letters. -- 94000deadtreebooks.bse 49 -- popularity 28

(laghusiddhAntakaumudIi) (lag)

laghu siddhAnta kaumudI in Englishmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1596

An introduction to pANini, written in the seventeen hundreds, translated into English in the nineteen hundreds.

read free at archive.org

wikipedia page on the author, varadarAja

93 letters. -- 94000deadtreebooks.bse 67 -- popularity 1

1594 some books

(yogavasiSThasupremeyog) (yo)

yoga vasiSTha (supreme yoga)mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1597

yoga vasistha in sanskrit

laghu yoga vasiSTha english translation

0 letters. -- 94000deadtreebooks.bse 71 -- popularity 1

1594 some books

(@coulson) (@cou)

Coulsonmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1598

When I say " coulson " I mean this book, or its author --

Teach Yourself Sanskrit (TYL) Paperback

There is a new edition --

Complete Sanskrit: A Comprehensive Guide to Reading and Understanding Sanskrit, with Original Texts

57 letters. -- 94000deadtreebooks.bse 81 -- popularity 5

124 Before @cluster is @heavy.

216 /sic (to /luk) before @flat after !gAti /sthA /ghu !pA !bhU.

1362 How to replace with /guNa or /vRddhi.

1393 [@Metri causa] means "to make the verse fit".

1594 some books

(@whitney) (@wh)

Sanskrit Grammar (Whitney)mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1599

You can read it for free at --

wikisource sanskrit grammar whitney

Or buy it at --


Very heavy book. Also, do not read if you need trigger warnings -- it has none, and definitely needs them.

111 letters. -- 94000deadtreebooks.bse 108 -- popularity 1

1594 some books

(@candravasu) (@cand)

Srisa Chandra Vasummmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1600

Srisa Chandra Vasu's English partial translation of the kAzikA is at archive dot org --

The ASTAdhyAyI of PANini, translated by ŚrIza Candra VAsu and formatted by James Roger Black

Most of it is at the pANini research tool at auroville.

115 letters. -- 94000deadtreebooks.bse 127 -- popularity 2

646 After vowelenders, /han, /grah and /dRz, the /sya /sic /sIyuT /tAs that are before /akartari get optionally an /iT that behaves like /ciN.

1594 some books

(@kale) (@k)

M R Kalemmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1601

When I say " kale" I usually mean this book --

a higher sanskrit grammar by M R Kale (PDF)



It is interesting because it shows how some Sanskrit teachers adapted to the "modern" teaching traditions of the west -- put a hundred students in a classroom and make them memorize pieces of a book. Do not study this book seriously, your head might explode.

239 letters. -- 94000deadtreebooks.bse 144 -- popularity 3

124 Before @cluster is @heavy.

1282 /seT /aniT /veT

1594 some books

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chunk 90: dead tree books