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chunk 90: dead tree books


some books
laghu siddhAnta kaumudI in English
yoga vasiSTha
Sanskrit Grammar
Srisa Chandra Vasu
M R Kale


some booksmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1519

The books listed in this section have no particular virtue and are no better than others. Mostly I list them because they can be found online.


yoga vasiSTha (supreme yoga)

books found in archive dot org


story of Nala by MMW

commentaries on pANini




Monier Monier-Wiliams


laghu siddhAnta kaumudI in English

Sanskrit Grammar (Whitney)

Kale grammar




kAzikAmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M- C+ 1520

The kAzikA is one of the best commentaries on pANini. For more info, see --

wikipedia on kAzikA

You can read most of the kAzikA in the pANini research tool at the Auroville website.

You can read all of the kAzikA here --

Jayaditya & Vamana Kasikavrtti


laghu siddhAnta kaumudI in Englishmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1521

An introduction to pANini, written in the seventeen hundreds, translated into English in the nineteen hundreds.

read free at archive.org

wikipedia page on the author, varadarAja


yoga vasiSTha (supreme yoga)mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1522

yoga vasistha in sanskrit

laghu yoga vasiSTha english translation


Coulsonmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1523

When I say " Coulson " I mean this book, or its author --

Teach Yourself Sanskrit (TYL) Paperback

There is a new edition --

Complete Sanskrit: A Comprehensive Guide to Reading and Understanding Sanskrit, with Original Texts


Sanskrit Grammar (Whitney)mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1524

You can read it for free at --

wikisource sanskrit grammar whitney

Or buy it at --


Very heavy book. Also, do not read if you need trigger warnings -- it has none, and definitely needs them.


Srisa Chandra Vasummmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1525

Srisa Chandra Vasu's English partial translation of the kAzikA is at archive dot org --

The ASTAdhyAyI of PANini, translated by ŚrIza Candra VAsu and formatted by James Roger Black

Most of it is at the pANini research tool at Auroville.


M R Kalemmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1526

When I say " Kale" I usually mean this book --

a higher sanskrit grammar by M R Kale (PDF)



It is interesting because it shows how some Sanskrit teachers adapted to the "modern" teaching traditions of the west -- put a hundred students in a classroom and make them memorize pieces of a book. Do not study this book seriously, your head might explode.

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chunk 90: dead tree books